Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ginger Bread House
Another wonderful holiday tradition...every Christmas we all
go to my parents house for dinner, ginger bread house making
and Christmas movie watching.
This year the movie choice was "Elf",
such a great flick!
Trying the yummy candy
Sugar High!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

A few favorite pictures that didn't make our Christmas
card this year, but still some pictures that I will
cherish forever. Thanks Amie for such a
great photo shoot...more to come later.

Santa Train
The Santa Train...such a fun night that happens every December
in Orange County...the Metrolink train is all decorate for Christmas and stops in each
city for the kids and they do a little performance for the kids on the train...Santa
talks to all the kids, we sing carols and it even snows!
Noah is OBSESSED with trains, so needless to say
this was a PERFECT evening for our little guy!
My Favorite iPhone picture of the week
Candy Cane smiles in the parking lot of Costco...tis the season
and loving every minute of it!
What a night...
We took the kids to an Armenian dinner and Toy Story on Ice 3 in
LA the other day. These kids were going crazy for Toy Story.
We had blast, what a fun night with our sweet little
family of 4! Noah still can't stop saying
"more woody mommy more buzz, I love toy story!"

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tree Picking
Family tradition...the first Friday of December our family, my parents
and my brother and his fiance all go out pick out Christmas trees and go to dinner...
the kids picked out our tree this year!!
Christmas came early...it's a new car!
The kids got an early Christmas present...a new BMW convertible...haha!!
This is a long story but we went to this Armenian eye care project gala and there was
an auction and a few of my family members were all bidding on the same car
and an long story kinda short...my kids got the car...at least for now...we
will eventually pass it on to the younger kiddos in the family!

Needless to say the kids were BEYOND stoked on their new car!!!

Our 1st Thanksgiving
Brian & I have never hosted Thanksgivng...but we decided this
was the year to give it the old college try and make a few of our own
traditions in our home...here we are stuffing our 1st turkey ever...
Our home was filled with family & friends some that live near
and Brian's brother Bruce and girlfriend Sarah that drove down from
San Francisco

the kids had a blast as always playing together!

our goal this thanksgiving was for everyone to eat lot's, be thankful, nap and
eat over and over again...you can tell from this picture that Bruce was napping
between meals...perfection!!!

Mamika cooking in the kitchen!