Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Dig a Little Deeper"
Sophia belting out the song... the left at the end
Before the Show!
Princess and the Frog kiss lips
The Music Box Dolls (Sophia, far left)

Sophia & Lexi

Our little angel...the costumes were awesome!
with Mamika & Papika after the show!
Sophia has been taking ballet since January
and has been very committed to her weekly practices.
I have to give it to her she really enjoys
ballet and always has a really good time there!
Every year her ballet studio puts on a BIG
Ballet/Tap/Hip Hop recital and this was Sophia's
1st year participating (you have to be 2 1/2yrs old)
and she did AMAZING. Her class danced to "Dig a Little Deeper"
from the Disney movie Princess & the Frog and they were also
Music Box Dolls in Snow Princess costumes!
What a wonderful experience this
was for out little girl!
We are so proud of you Sophia!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Cousins, Park & Lunch
My beautiful cousins Blanca & Iren
Sophia, Noah and the latest addition to the family baby Gabriel
Aunt Gaby & Noah
My aunt and cousins came down from Anaheim
Hills for a little park/play date with the cousins!
My cousin Blanca had a baby in April and sweet baby
Gabriel is the newest addition to our family...
I love seeing our family grow!
Sophia & Noah are so lucky to have so much
family around and the opportunity
to spend time together and grow up together
we are truly blessed!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flashback Friday's
So sad my little baby is not so little anymore...
my heart is melting and breaking at the same time!
I love you See Soo!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

9 Month Stats

Our little dude turned 9 months old on June18th

Weight: 19lbs

Height: 29 inches

Head Circumference: 44 centimeters

And the reason for all the fussiness...Noah cut

his 1st tooth this evening...bring on more food

for this kid!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sydney we love you!
Sophia & Mommy!

Justin, Ollie, Sydney, Maddox, Bri, Chess, Sophia & Noah
Syd & Soph
Our sweet Goddaughter Sydney with Sophia!

These two just love each other!!!

Mommy & Daddy taking Sophia on a ride while Noah is sleeping :)

Bri, Just, Syd & Soph on the slide...YEAH!!!!

Last weekend we had a fun filled day with our favorite
family...The Ott's!!!! WE just LOVE Justin, Ollie, Sydney & Maddox!
Ollie and I were college roommates and have been best friends
since the 1st day of college...if you can imagine
Ollie & Justin have been dating
since Ollie was 15 years old so Bri, Just, Ollie & I were
all living in San Diego during our college years so we have
had many FUN years together!
Good times never end with the Ott's!

Happy 3rd Birthday Georgie!!!
The girls driving!
my men...
Stacy, George & Sophia

my angels
Daddy, Sophia & Lily
The birthday boy and his birthday cake!
One of Sophia's best friends George turned 3 years old
just a few day's after her and they had the funnest birthday
party for the kids! Stacy & John, George's parents outdid themselves
with a "Cars" themed party...the kids even got to drive race cars...
such a blast! Happy Birthday Georgie we love you thanks for having us
at your FUN birthday party!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Flashback Friday!
My sexy parents back in the day!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thank God for Ottoman's?!?!
Our little dude's new favorite thing...
hanging out on the Ottoman...yup...whatever
makes our little guy happy! Noah is loving just
his time holding on to the ottoman playing, wish his
toy's and observing his sister!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sophia's 3rd Birthday!
Pancake breakfast with candles started off Sophia's birthday...
off to her pool party...
Baby Gabe...the newest addition to the family!
Tim, Elaina, Brian & Sophia
Mommy & Daughter
Blanca & Noah
Sophia and her Meech aka Godmother...

Stacy & Grace
Mamkia & Papika with the kiddos
Aaron & Jett
Sophia & Elaina
Sand Candy Fun!
Grace, George & Sophia
Lily in the pool!
Brian, Noah & Uncle Ian
Baby Logan's 1st dip in the pool!!!
the Girls!

Make a wish our sweet angel

Abby, Michelle, Sisi & Catalina
this is the correct way to wear hats!!!

Our sweet Sophia turned 3 years old on June 5th!
Brian and I can honestly say this was the year
that Sophia understood that it was her birthday
and the party was for HER!!!! We celebrated with
a small pool party with some friends and family here
in San Clemente.
Sophia we are so proud of you and the beautiful
little girl you are turning into, you have such a sweet
heart and are so kind to are truly
beautiful inside and out...mommy and daddy are so
proud of you!
God Bless you sweetie and Happy Birthday!