Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The 4 of us decided to make a "summer wreath" for
our front door...so off to Lowe's and Michael's we
went to collect all our supplies...the kids helped us pick out
all the decorations we needed.

The kids were extremely proud of their completed project!
I'm have to admit, i really LOVE the way it turned out!

We took the kids to Sea World for the day this past Saturday
and had a blast, it was so nice having Brian with us...
a lot of times we do the theme parks during the week when its not
so crowded...

Posing in front of the flamingos

Sophia actually look this pic of Bri & I...not bad kiddo!
Maybe we have a little photographer on our hands?!

Riding the water rides with mommy (Noah was not tall enough)
next time hopefully he and daddy can join us

Loving all these summer nail polish colors...feeling like a real girlie girl!