Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ferris Wheel Time!

For the passed year Sophia has been asking to
go on the Ferris Wheel at daddy's work!
Ok well who knew that it's only open Fri-Sun? No me!
So finally we made it a point to meet daddy for
lunch at his work on a Friday so we could
take Miss. Sophia on the Ferris Wheel and she LOVED
every minute of it...her first words from
the very top overlooking Irvine were
"mommy this is a lot like Disneyland!"

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Noah!

Happy birthday so, we can't believe it's your 1st b-day already
bounce house fun!

Mamika & Noah
Noah just having the best time ever in the bounce house

sweet Sophia
Blake playing in the bounce house
Cousins...Noah 1yr, Gabriel 5 months
George & Stacy...check out my tattoo
Sophia & Breck
playing at the park
Baby Gabriel
Papika, Daddy-O & Noah...3 generations
"who's ready to break open my monkey pinata?"
line the kiddos up...
Sophia is going to show us all how it's done...
Jack the professional baseball player
silly daddy-o

Maru & Michelle

Time for some birthday cake
Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE
I LOVE cake
so favorite picture
opening my presents in my new USC jersey, Daddy is so proud!
I had the best birthday ever!
Our handsome, strong, brave, wild yet very wise son
happy birthday to you! We can't believe you
are 1 year old already, i feel like i gave birth
to you yesterday! You have shown us already what
and wonderful little personality you have and
we are enjoying everyday single day with you
and all our new adventures as a family!
We love you Noah, Happy Birthday!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Night before

getting ready to try sugar for the 1st time
" guy's have been holding out on me"

oh sooooo HAPPY!!!!
Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!
So the night before Noah turned one we did
a small family birthday celebration at home for him
(before his big party the next day)...let's just say
little Noah loves yummy sweets like his mommy & sister!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sophia's 1st day of Preschool!
her outfit picked out the night before
morning pictures with daddy ..."1st day of school"
our baby girl is growing so fast
Mamika (grandma) came over to watch Noah so I could take Sophia to school
SO Excited and SO ready!
signing my baby into school...sniff, sniff
we feel so fortunate that Sophia and her buddy George are in the same class!
too cute
no problems adjusting for Sophia...for me...that's questionable...sniff

fun, fun, fun
Stacy and I dropping off our babies...they grow up too fast!

Today was Sophia's first day of school and she lucked out
with the BEST teacher ever, Ms. Apin and with a few friends in her class
too! So happy that George, Hayley, Quinn and Caden are all in her class!
We are so proud of you Sophia and you did an excellent job today
adjusting to preschool, we look forward to great things
ahead at SC Pres!