Monday, April 25, 2011

Baking for Easter

We have so many Armenian traditions in my family

and during the holiday's we are in full swing.
every year at Easter time we make a sweet bread
called "Kooliche" and a cheese that goes with it "Paska".
As long as I can remember i have participated in making these
two items with my grandmother Babu along with her special cookies.
This year we had Auntie Michelle join us...such a special treat to
have her with us for the night!

Noah was in charge of the sprinkles...

and Mamika could not get enough of her time with her grandchildren

Chef #2

Sophia has always been my little helper and my little chef.

Now that Noah is a little older naturally he wants to

do everything his big sister Noah

has decided that he wants to help in the kitchen too...

Saturday morning...Noah made Pancakes...
and he couldn't be happier about it...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Going crazy for the Trampoline!!!!

Our wonderful, sweet and amazing neighbors

that now have 4 boy's gave us their old trampoline

because they needed a new one...for obvious reasons :) So we graciously took their old trampoline off their hands!

the kids jump all day long and everyday... they can't get enough of it!
Irvine Railroad Park ~ Easter Fun!

"choo choo"

train ride through the park

bounce house fun

Noah was so happy bouncing
Sophia the pro...loving every minute

getting a butterfly painted on Sophia's face

Friday, April 15, 2011

Boy's will be Boy's

I walk into Noah's room to find him

standing on his activity table!

Seriously?! He climbed up there (like he climbs

on everything else in the house) and was just hanging out.

Now, Sophia my sweet little lady NEVER did anything like this...

Noah is such a BOY!!!

He's so proud of himself! Look at that smile

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Piper's Birthday at the Nail Salon

Happy 3rd Birthday Piper! We had such a great time celebrating Piper's birthday at the salon, mani's and pedi's for all! The kids all dressed up as princesses and brother Breck

was the girl's knight!

birthday girl
after the salon it was back to the house for

more fun with the daddy's and Piper's favorite food!
Piper & Noah

Sophia & Breck these two can't get enough of

eachother..."I love you Breck"

"I love you Sophia"

sweet Noah
the Chick-fil-A cow came to the house

for a dance party! we all had a blast dancing with

the cow and eating their yummy food!

kiss the cow...
dancing with the cow...
such a fun birthday for such a sweet girl...Piper we love ya!