Monday, January 23, 2012

Beetle Bug

The children's discovery museum in Palm Desert
is just down the street from our house and whenever the
weather out there doesn't
allow us to play in the pool we always
love going to our favorite local museum!
Our #1 thing to do is paint the Beetle car!!!
Such a blast for all!
STAR our Tennis Star
Sophia started taking tennis lessons 2 weeks
ago. Being that I've always been a tennis player
I've been personally waiting for this day for a long time.
You have to be 4 1/2 years old to start lesson so our day finally
While in Palm Desert last weekend
John aka uncle Kavor gave Sophia a
few lessons, she did really well
following his direction but most importantly
Sophia LOVES playing tennis
and is really enjoying her lessons...I'm such a
proud mama!!!

And sweet Noah trying to keep up
with his big sister, wanting to do everything she does!!
A few favorites from Christmas Night
Sophia Loving her fancy dress and Noah
beyond upset that he has a tie on...too funny!

Brian, Auntie Anne and Mamika
So great all being together on Christmas!

Taline & Taro gave our kiddos an
AMAZING drum set for Christmas...

Sophia and her Meech...enough said...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

All Aboard the Choo Choo Train
I'm a little behind on a few posts on our blog,
these pictures were from the week before Christmas...
Oh but do we ever have the best time
every year going on the choo choo train at South Coast.
Sophia was especially hamming it up for us
as you can tell from these pictures

Seriously, nothing could stop these 2
kiddos from having a good time

The train goes around this really cool Santa
statue that's so beautifully decorated for the
Fashion Fun with Grandma
The other day, the kids, Mamika and I
spent the day running around and exploring
Fashion Island!
We just love going there!
We do live in a beautiful place!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Cake Pops for All!!
Everyone in our family are big
fans of cake pops...Starbucks
makes a great cake pop, try them
out if you get the chance.
 Below are a few picture
of how ours turned out!

Cutting Teeth
Our little love bug, our little stinker boy has not been eating
well for the past 2 weeks, but it didn't faze me too
much because generally speaking Noah is our picky eater!
Come to find out our sweet little man was cutting
his 2 year old molars...OK, I'm about to start
crying...everything is happening too fast and my baby
is not a baby anymore he's a toddler...I need to freeze
 time I can't even handle this right now!!!!
Sophia is such a girlie girlie...anything
I do my sweet Sophia wants to join in the fun with me...
so every now and then my little girl will
join me at the nail salon for some mommy
daughter mani/pedi time