Sunday, February 12, 2012

sunday stroll
Our family is 100% ready for summer!!!
We are constantly talking about
the weather warming up and spending our
day's at the can't come
fast enough! This morning we
were at the beach watching the waves
and praying for summer to come!!!

Posing for the people walking by!

Noah  is obsessed with trains
honestly everyday he asks me
"mommy: you, me, Sophia and Daddy
all go on a choo choo today K"!
Such a cute picture of our little
guy watching the train
pass by

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

                                                              Stuck inside
Poor Sophia, stuck inside sick all day
with a high fever, our sweet girl...
allshe keeps asking to do is go to
school because she misses her friends

And then there is Noah...super healthy and not
sick this time around thank God...
His new favorite thing is sitting like a
"big boy" at the kitchen counter
playing on the ipad...this
little guy is so smart and wants to do
anything and everything his sister

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

waiting and waiting....
Last week we had a plumber scheduled
to come to our house and it drives
me crazy how they give you
a 4 hour window...of course
it was a gorgeous day and all the kids
want to do was go to the beach or park...
but instead we waited and waited
for the "nice man" to show up
Sophia suggested "mommy
let's wait outside for the
nice man to come"
and sure enough he showed
up minutes later...
Disneyland for Adults

Brian and I whisked away last week for a date
 night at Disneyland...
and boy did we ever have a blast!
 We road all the roller coasters
multiple times and as much as
we LOVE going to the happiest
place on earth with our kiddos it
was so fun being stroller free,
diaper free and have no cares or
responsibilities in the world for
a few fun hours...thank you
mom and dad for
babysitting the kiddos!!!!