Saturday, May 19, 2012

I have been so behind on our family blog I figured I
would do a little update on each child!
Noah loves painting, as you can see in the above picture.
He is always asking "Mommy please can I paint"?
There is so much LOVE between these 2 kids!
Noah looks up to his big sister so much and wants
to copy everything she does...I love how Sophia always has her
arm around her bro...the feelings are mutual!
Noah is always so sad in the mornings when daddy leaves
for work, he usually sits on the stairs for a few
minutes by himself and has a little quite
time...this time was especially cute because
he was muttering under his breath "I miss my
daddy I don't want him to go to work".
Noah is one happy little boy!
He is my buddy, we do everything together...usually
lots of running around while Sophia is in school.
This picture just makes me so happy.
He is trying on sunglasses because he said he
needed some for the beach!
Check out that smile! still my heart, Noah looks so BIG
in this picture it kills me!
And with that bowl cut haircut we got going
on...he is definitely not a baby anymore...
Hilarious photo! We borrowed an extra suitcase
from my parents for our upcoming trip and when
i brought it home and took it out of the car
Noah started running up and down the street pushing
the suitcase around...well if you look close he has some
Kid Binoculars around his neck....So pushing a suitcase
around with some binoculars around his neck, he looked
like a regular Tourist!!! Brian and I were in tears laughing...
Noah you are one funny little guy!
Noah learning how to skateboard in Palm Desert...
The kids and I try and go on lots of jogs
in the stroller or nature walks whenever we can,
this paticular morning was a PJ moring jog for
mommy...and the kids hopped
out of the stroller and decided to go exploring on their
way home. 

If you know our little guy you know he is a picky's just beyond anything I've seen. Apparently I
was a very picky eater so I guess this is payback time
for what my parents went through with me.
We are always trying to get Noah to try new things
on this specific day he decided he liked corn dogs!
I will take whatever i can get from this sweet boy!

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