Saturday, May 19, 2012

SO behind on the blog, so i figured I would do
a little recap on both of our munchkins.
Look at our little rock star....rocking those cute sunglasses!

Picasso??? Nope just Sophia, painting what she loves to
paint most...rainbows, clouds and moons!

We officially have a little fish on our hands!
We can't seem to get Sophia out of the water
these day's...she could swim all day and night if we
let her.

our little girlie girl got her face painted
at Sea World

brother and sister riding the trolley at the Irvine Spectrum.
Noah is so obsessed with trains i figured he would love the
trolley...and he did! It's a little taste of what the San Francisco
trolley will be like one day! Sophia obviously loved
it too!

Sophia working hard at her ballet practice, her recital is in one month
and she is super excited for the big day!

Sophia is in full swing tennis lessons and loving it.
She is the youngest in her class, but she loves it and
continues to ask for more! She also has been enjoying watching the
8 to 12 year old girls play and I'm loving
watching her LOVE the sport!

My mom resurrected my old Hawaiian dress from
when I was a little girl and of course
Sophia was excited to play dress-up and put it on!
She plans to wear it in Maui next week.

Fun times at Zoomars!
The kids sitting in an old horse drawn carriage.

Our precious daughter, can't believe
she will be 5 in just 2 weeks...mommy
is still adjusting to this, it may take me awhile!

Sophia "Styled" herself...we have a little
fashionista on our hands!

the kids wanted to watch there uncle aka Kavor John play
his tennis match...we had an evening dinner at the tennis

Beautiful evening in Palm Desert, this was the night of
the biggest full moon in recent memory

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